In early 2013, Dr. David Draper was ready to break free from working as an associate with another dentist.  He wanted to start his own dental practice and was attracted to the southwest side of Wake County, where the residential growth was rapidly coming together and the area had not become saturated with dentists.  He had studied hard, worked hard, saved his money, started a family and it was time to make the moves to establish a firm foundation for a new family dental practice!

“Matt was very thorough and methodical with researching areas I had an interest in for our new dental practice location. We reviewed the lease options as well as the options for purchase and I felt I saw everything there was to consider. He then worked seamlessly with my lender and helped guide me in my decisions. I ended up with an ideal setup for my immediate practice needs and the option to expand next door when I was ready and had the staffing ramped up to bring in a second doctor. I would not hesitate to recommend SPG to anyone making a move with their business!”

– Dr. David Draper, DDS / Better Dental

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