Mike Payne and Ed Umstead wanted to get in the car wash business with the plan of getting a solid first location and expanding into multiple locations from there. Their industry research led them to Sonny’s—the largest carwash equipment seller in the U.S. The partners both live in Georgia and wanted to start their car wash venture in Wilmington, NC where they each had sons that could run the operations.  They needed a site selection specialist that could review the entire Wilmington market and find the right first location with the hope that this would lead to further expansion.

“We hired Matt to help us get started back in 2012. He found that first site that has been a great foundation for our growth plans. He has been able to repeat his site selection success two more times and we are now under construction on our third location which we are confident will be another strong spot for Splash-N-Dash. Matt’s broad knowledge of everything from site selection to finance and his development background has been vital on each of the sites we have acquired so far. We have really enjoyed working with him and hope to continue working with him on future locations as we continue to grow!”

– Mike and Ed, Owners / Splash N Dash Carwash

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